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Washington Township

Washington Township

Washington Township, originally Union Township or a part thereof, is about as old settled as any portion of the county. There is only a few months difference between the settlement of what is now Washington Township and those settlements on and near the Little Scioto and the French Grant. It is a township old in ancient history, for it was once the home of the Mound Builders and later of the earliest white settlers north of the Ohio River. The last hostile indian killed in Scioto County drew his last breath near John Craig's, at deer lick. It was John McDonald or his brother, probably the latter, who did the killing, for he claimed to have built the first cabin ever erected where the waters of the Scioto mingled with that of the "La Belle Riviere".

In the Summer of 1797, Thomas Parker, who had been a Colonel in the Revolutionary war, located his land warrants, for he had two or more, at and near the old mouth of the Scioto River. HIs brother, Alexander, laying off the town. The following is the record: "I do hereby certify that this plan contains the in and out lots of the town of Alexandria laid out by me and laid down on the scale of twenty poles to an inch, done by the order of Colonel Thomas Parker, of Frederick County, Va. Alexandria, June 3, 1799. E. Langham".

"I do hereby certify that this plan contains the lots in the town of Alexandria, which I have sold as such for Colonel Thomas Parker of Frederick County, Va., situated in the county of Adams, in the Territory northwest of the Ohio. A. Parker."

"Sale of the lots in Alexandria will commence at 12 o'clock, at the corner of the river of Thomas Street, on Lot No. 19. Filed in the Recorder's Office, June 4, 1799. John Bell, Recorder of Adams County."

This was the first town laid off in Scioto County, and it was settled in the fall of 1796. The first school taught and the first schoolhouse erected and the first donation of land or lot for school purposes in Scioto County was in Washington Township as now known, and in the town of Alexandria, now unknown, except by the tradition of the past. Scioto's first county seat was then located here. One of the first associate Judges, John Collins, lived here. When it was first setled it was part of Adams County, the fourth organized county in the State, or rather Territory, of OHio, which was in 1797. When Scioto became a county in 1805, Washington Township was known as Union; afterward Nile was a part of its territory. It was not until 1814 that Washington Township came into existence and under the following: A petition for a new township, to be made out of Union and Nile, came before the commissioners at the August term, 1814, and it was granted on the first day thereof. It read as follows: "Ordered, that the township prayed for bounded as follows: beginning at the mouth of Turkey Creek; thence up the Ohio River with its meanderings thereof to the mouth of the Scioto River; thence up the Scioto River to the mouth of Pond Creek; thence westerly course with Thomas Wilcoxon's upper line to the dividing ridge between Pond Creek and Carey's Run, and following said ridge to the head of Stoney Creek; thence down said creek to Turkey Creek; thence down Turkey Creek to the Ohio River. And it is further ordered that said township be called Washington."

Among the first pioneers who first settled in Washington will be found in the list of settlers in Union Township history, among those are: Lemuel Moss, James Andrews, Joseph and Thomas Williamson, Levi Moore, Francis Cleveland, David Roup, Sylvester Veach, Stephen Casey, Isaac Williams, Anthony Clifford, Mrs. Milly Moore, John Worley, James Edison, William Carey, Hiram Devers, John F. Smith, Miss Rebecca Smith, Roswell Crane, Abel Bradford, Isaac Worley, Joshua Nurse, Samuel B. Nurse and a few others who names were forgotten.

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