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Porter Township

Porter Township

Porter Township has the honor of being the first settled in Scioto County, claiming Sam'l Marshall, Jno. Lindsay, Isaac Bonser, Uriah Barber as its first settlers.

Porter Township has an Ohio River front of fully ten miles and also has the valley of the Little Scioto within its borders for a distance of five miles.

In regard to size, Porter Township is the smallest of the fifteen townships, outside of Portsmouth, comprising the municipal division of the county. It is bound on the north by Harrison Township, on the east by Vernon, on the south by Green and the Ohio River and on the west by the Ohio River and Clay Township

When the county was organized in 1803, the present territory of Porter was a part of Wayne and Green Townships, and it was not until 1814, Porter became a separate municipality, the order forming it made December 6, 1814.

There are names of many of the old pioneers of Porter Township entered among the list of old settlers given in the history of Scioto County, and among those are: Madison Price, Elias Marshall, Levi Smith, Jonathan Hurd, James Littlejohn, Theodore Bliss, Isaac Fullerton, John Baccus, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbens.

The above information abstracted from the Newsletter of SCCOGS and from the publication "History of the Lower Scioto Valley: both of which contains more information on the above township and individuals.

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