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Madison Township

Madison Township

The township of Madison occupies the northeastern corner of Scioto County, but does not extend as far east as Bloom. The township includes about 50 square miles. In 1810, back of which date the records are lost, Madison was one of ten townships which formed Scioto County.

As the mouth of the Little Scioto was the site of the first permanent settlement in the county, it was perfectly natural that the valley should be explored up as far as Madison Township at a very early day. Settlements were made here as early as 1797. Between this date and 1820 the following are some of the settlers who made their homes in this township: Robert, Caleb, John and Charles Bennett, Edward Dawson, Absalom Pyle, Jacob Rickey, Nathaniel Squires, Andrew Snyder, Daniel Dodge, Jas. Rockwell, Joseph Rockwell, Benjamin Rockwell, Ephraim Rowell, Johnathan Rockwell, Ezra Rockwell, James Field, Aaron Miller, Jacob Myers, Jeremiah Brittainham, Michael Milliron, Moses Mault, George Dever, Wm. Dever, Wm. Stockham, John Fullerton, Samuel Low, John Rickey, Daniel Massberger, Wm Plum, Edward Milam, John Slavens, George Adams, Peter Lagore, Thomas Phillips, John, Hiram and Thomas McDowell, William and Henry Crull, John Higgins, James Brian, Wm. Kitchen, Jess and John Martin, Moses, Barnebus, Solomon, Aaron and Jesse Monroe, Joseph Couthorn and Judiah Mead.

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