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Jefferson Township

Jefferson Township

Jefferson Township was undoubtedly one of the original townships or was a township before 1810. Four of the original townships named and known in 1810 are not now on the map - Seal, Upper, Lick and Franklin. The loss of the county commissioners records from 1803 to 1811 inclusive prevents the dates being given of the organization of the township, but if it is one of the original divisions it was organized May, 1803 and at all events before 1810.

Seal Township, which lay on both sides of the Scioto River, was taken from the map, and that portion lying east of the Scioto was added to Jefferson. The township then extended further south, and also took in all of the present township of Valley, which was cut off from Jefferson in 1860.

The township of Jefferson is bounded on the north by Pike County, east by Madison and Harrison townships, on the south by Clay and on the west by Valley. Jefferson Township contains 14,383 acres. A good portion of Jefferson Townships records are lost and what are found are of mixed dates.

The settlement of Jefferson Township was at a pretty early day, but at that time Valley Township was then Jefferson, and the earliest settlers were located in the valley of the Scioto River. The present Jefferson Township was settled about 1808, though up to 1815 very few pioneers had found permanent homes within its limits. Among those who came in the early days of history were: Jesse Rice, Daniel McLaughlin, Daniel Conklin, Jared Spriggs, Thomas Carlisle, Abner Field, William Mitchell, Aaron Gee, Richard Grimshaw, Joshua Tritt, Rodney Marshall, Smauel Farmer, Jacob Crouse and J.H. Munn.

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