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Harrison Township

Harrison Township

Harrison Township was organized March 6, 1832. It is bounded on the north by Madison, on the east by Bloom, on the south by Porter and on the west by Clay and a portion of Jefferson. It covers a surface of 24,320 acres.

Harrison township, along the valley of the Little Scioto, was settled as early as 1798. A few years later quite a number of early pioneers had found homes and erected mills along this water-course. There was much good hunting along this stream and the hills on either side and the eastern part of the township were famous hunting ground for the pioneer. Among the old settlers were: Simeon Wood, Joseph Bennett, Solomon Monroe, George Bowers, S.T. Shumway, Saul Crull, R.T. Collins, Daniel White, John White, Thos. Feurt, Jno Snyder and Robt. Bennett.

The township officers in 1832 were: Trustees, Daniel White, Thomas Hatch and Sylvanus Shumway; Clerk, Abijah Batterson; Treasurer, Abner B. Wood; Overseers of Poor, Henry Bower and Simeon Wood; Constables, George Scott and Royal T. Collis; Justices, T.R. Wood and Luther Wheeler.

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