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Green Township

Green Township

Green Township is the southeastern Township of the County and is noted for being what is known as the French Grant, its southern boundary being Lawrence County and the Ohio River, and the latter is also its western boundary. Porter Township is on the north and Vernon township and Lawrence County bound it on the east. It has an area of 22,236 acres.

The Union Furnace was erected in 1826 by James Rogers, John Sparks, John Means and Valentine Fear. It went into blast in 1827 and continued for several years.

Ohio Furnace was located in Green Township, something over a mile from the Ohio River and only about three miles from its eastern border. Ohio Furnace was laid out in 1844 by David Sinton and Thos. W. Means. The furnace went into blast in June, 1845, with John T. Woodrow being superintendent, and fourteen hands employed that year. It continued in blast for thirty-seven years without a break, except for repairs, and was blown out February 24, 1882.

Junior Furnace was built in 1828, was in blast in 1829 and blown out in 1865.

Franklin Furnace is another of those that once had a busy life but has been out of blast since 1860. It went into blast in 1827, and was the property of Daniel Young, John Young, Jesse Y. Whitcomb, Josiah Merrill, John Hurd and Martin Ruter, all from New Hampshire.

The old settlers of the French Grant were the French immigrants, but they were not inured to hardship and were little calculated to buffet the storms and trials of pioneer life. A few settled on the Grant, many more remained in Gallipolis, and others returned to France as soon as they could dispose of their gift from Congress. The Cadots, the Duduits, the Valodines, Gervaise, Bertrand, Chabot, Dufliquy, Ginats, Ruishoud, Vincent and a few others of the French colony settled on the Grant. Some of these, however, also sold out. Some of the names mentioned who received land were: Jno G. Gervais, Matthew Bartlet, Thomas Gilruth, Widow Hempstead, Nicholas Thevenin, Robert Buchanan, Vincent Ferguson, John Haily, Wm. Haily, Thayer D. White, Luke Kelly, Darby Kelly, Peter Vanbibber, Daniel Wolford, George Austin, George Steward, Wm. Kelly, Wm. Forester, Michael Bacus, Peter Bacus, Francis Valodin, Wm. Didway, John Fletcher, Eli Barton, Jno. Bertrand, John Gennett, Jno. Stump, Peter Fort, Kimber Barton, John Bacus, Jno. Davisson, Jacob Suitor, Jos. Crank.

The above information abstracted from the Newsletter of SCCOGS and from the publication "History of the Lower Scioto Valley" both of which contains more information on the above township and individuals.

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