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Brush Creek Township

Brush Creek Township

The County map shows this township to have the most territory, but the tax duplicate gives Nile Township the largest number of acres assessed at 48,140, while Brush Creek Township contains only 47,847 acres. It is of irregular form, its western border being about eighteen miles from north to south, while its greatest width is less than nine miles.

Brush Creek was organized in 1820. It is bound on the north by Pike County, on the east by Morgan and Union Townships, on the southeast by Union Township, and south by Nile Township and west by Adams County. On September 26, 1878, another slight change was made adding a portion of the township to that of Union, and the latter was to pay the assessment of the territory given to the Township.

Brush Creek has a few pioneers scattered here and there over the vast and rugged territory and among the number were Jesse Edwards, Samuel Edwards, Isme Freeman, Aaron Armstrong, Christopher Oppy, Thornton Kendall, John Liston, Henry Caraway, James Jones, William Thompson, Joshua Armstrong, Thomas Brown, James Wilson, William White, Joseph and James Walker, Xenthus Kennedy and Peter Randall.

The township's records from organization up to 1887 were destroyed by fire.

The above information abstracted from the Newsletter of SCCOGS and from the publication "History of the Lower Scioto Valley", both of which contain more information on the above township and individuals.

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